How do we differ from other music media outlets?

Anything associated with Nu Music Group will have artist development at the core of its values.  For a number of years, we simply used this blog to promote our favourite indie acts from all over the world but as of October 14th 2020, we're posting articles that shed light on the artist's career and its encompassing setbacks and successes.  We want this to be a resource for indie music artists; one of the many guides on the frustrating journey to having a sustainable career in the music industry.  

Another area we want to focus on is pitching for sync, distribution and various contracts.  As we receive submissions, we're going to communicate any opportunities we have available to the artist.  Of course, there's no obligation to take advantage of anything offered.

Lastly, we now offer enhanced articles with video interviews, as well as ad placements for the artists that want that extra push.

We couldn't be more excited for this nu chapter and we hope you find it, both, entertaining and useful!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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