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  • Zade Ryan

MYB, the Michigan-bred duo of Scott Posada & Bryce Gray, came to life in 2019, drawing from the members’ shared love of Alt-Rock, R&B, and Pop. After meeting in a music lesson, the duo struck up a friendship and began producing songs together. Soon after, their self-mixed/produced/mastered EP "Tame You" was released in early 2020, giving them the confidence to pursue their lifelong dream of becoming full time musicians. With a distinct sound, the duo blends shimmering synths, bright electrics, warm acoustics, and punchy drums, for a little nostalgia and a lot of goodness.

"Pessimistic Panorama" is the epitome of compelling genre-ambiguity. The vocals have the R&B flavours of old-school Robin Thicke, while the production features more groovy rock influences and commercial pop percussion. The guitar riffs between sections are a pleasant addition. The rhythmic verses provide the song with that modern pop spice that takes this song to the next level. Check it out below.

It’s been about two years since Bjorn Rydhog came into our world with a pocketful of “Sunshine” and the feel-good indie folk of his debut EP, There’s a Light in Everything. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, the multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter has a habit of crafting uplifting, wondrous pieces ready to soundtrack our days and night – it’s fun, smile-inducing music that connects on a deeper level. Rydhog has continued to keep his growing audience engaged with a stream of moving tracks that glisten with warmth and heartfelt intimacy. Rydhog’s journey has most recently led him to the release of his second EP Give Me Sunshine, an outpouring of love and passion whose wall of dazzling folk pop sound invites us to dwell in a space of compassion, connection, and understanding.

"I Don't Wanna Be Alone" features ethereal vocals over a compellingly busy musical arrangement. The percussion offers a sense of urgency, while the vocals provide a more laid-back vibe that helps create the perfect balance. Check out this awesome track below.

D Fine Us is a musical project founded by songwriter and producer Tomer Katz. Pulling references from delta blues, soul and R&B, the act collides old with new, infusing contemporary, electronic textures to create a compelling pastiche of ‘culture clashed' music.

With authenticity at the forefront of Tomer’s vision, he takes great care to create a bonafide sound that pays genuine homage to the traditional delta-blues, jazz and gospel that he grew up admiring.

Tomer achieves this by mixing raw live recordings with high-fidelity studio work, often recorded in unconventional settings like desolate bar rooms, wide-open fields and living rooms of friends.

‘Safe To Disconnect’, his forthcoming album, is a perfect display of Tomer’s attention-to-detail as a producer, with its colourful interplay between mellow verses and high-octane choruses. He continues to build up a reputation for his lyricism, with ‘The 405’ describing D Fine Us as an act who “delivers a potent message for our time”.

"Bad Luck" is a dark vibe full of pleasant surprises and colourful motifs. The vocals are haunting-meets-soulful, and never overstep the groovy production. Check it out below.