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  • Zade Ryan

Inspired by artists like Snoh Aalegra, BENEE, Amy Winehouse, and Mac Miller, LA-based Olivia Morreale's latest project combines a fresh indie-pop perspective with retro synths, dreamy lyrics and huge vocals.

"Parasomnia" features a slick vocal performance full of dynamic—the song kicks off with an airier vocal delivery, and rises into a heavier projection-style performance. The backing vocals are lush and add to the colourful soundscape. The song's bridge enters with a wave of engaging vocal ad libs, our favourite part of the song.

Check this vibey track out below.

Eden Rain's latest release, "Wake Up, You're Stuck," is an emotionally abstract piece that invokes thought and curiosity. The instrumentation is mellow yet colourful. Check this one out.

  • Zade Ryan

Saïna is a singer/songwriter/producer from North West London and former triple-distinction-star BRIT School Student. Her latest release, "Wrong Love," is a jazz/soul track full of sweet vocal melody switchups and easy listening production. It gives us "You Sent Me Flying" Amy Winehouse vibes, and we're here for it. The key change during the song's climax was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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