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  • Tayo Jacob

Brooklyn born, Staten Island raised artist Justy began writing music at 12 years old. Fast forward 10+ years and the transparent singer/songwriter has blossomed into a unique and promising force in music. Heavily inspired by the works of artists such as J Dilla, Amy Winehouse, NoName, Anderson Paak, and Lauryn Hill, Justy continues to evolve, and incorporate traditional jazz elements into her music. In 2018, Justy's refreshing sound caught the eye of British music powerhead Kwame Kwaten (also of D-Influence) who in turn took on the artist for a two single project which penned her notable tracks "Try,"(2018) and "L8R" (2019).

With vocals often referred to as "chill," and "smooth," Justy's music is rooted in vulnerability. In 2020, she released her debut project Soul Food, the Precede which blends genres to deliver a lyrically impactful portrayal of love,loss, insecurities, and ambition. A self proclaimed "old soul," Justy's work continues showcase her growth as an independent artist. She is currently working on her forthcoming debut album.

Justy's impeccable flow on "Rise, Repeat, Regress" is undeniably compelling. With a perfect combination of melodic motifs and rapped verses, this song would feel right at home on R&B, hip-hop and pop playlists alike. Relax and unwind to this sweet track below.

  • Zade Ryan

Alina Smith is a female producer with credits such as Fallout Boy, Red Velvet, kenzie, Kirstin Maldonado, and hundreds of millions of streams on all songs written and produced by her. Her upcoming single is an empowering pop/R&B anthem, inspired by Alina's journey, from impoverished Russian immigrant to successful musician in the US. The upbeat song motivates listeners to respond to negativity with grace and strength and features Alina's renowned production, writing, and vocal performance. There's something to be said for really well-produced R&B-flavoured pop music. Alina Smith's "Breakfast" is no exception, with its super punchy vocals and production. The songwriting is tastefully playful, using innuendo and subtle metaphors to its advantage.

"Eat it, eat it, eat it all up"

While the production has Ariana Grande-eqsue inspiration, Smith's vocals are incomparably unique in texture. Her confidence beams through the use of rhythmic melodies, falsetto breakdowns, and tasty layers of harmony. This song is a certified bop.

The organic piano arrangement and airy vocals create an almost spiritual experience on Ghostly Kisses' latest track, "J'ai demandé à la lune" featuring Louis-Étienne Santais. The chromatic switchup in the b-section creates a haunting transition into a darker tone. The lyric video paired with the song is a perfect example of tasteful simplicity. Check this one out below.

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