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  • Michael Ellis

Ahhh so many harmonies, my favourite. We got them in the main opening vocal lead, then the background, then repeat. My ears are so satisfied. This production too is so experimental and unique, the obscure bass melodies and dreamy bells and such, it really paints a fantasy in my head.

Cramming joy, sorrow, hope and a very 21st century sense for ennui into each of her explosive pop tracks, Greta Isaac is about to embark on the release of a collection of songs written across an 18 month period of artistic and personal self-reflection. While heavyweight champions on the lyric side, Greta lifts her songs to the skies with massive hooks and virtuous instrumentals. Her first offering ‘Power’ combines a sharp message with choral arrangements and minimal background music - an almost acapella song about the effect of poisoned compliments, the sinister anger coming across in words and music.

Greta says: “This is about how I feel being looked at as a woman and how I can feel useless without the affirmation of the male gaze. Each line starts as a compliment then slowly transitions to sinister promises. The idea of being complimented about my appearance and when I haven’t accepted them, or actively challenged them, my appearance and my femininity is used as a weapon against me."

Stream this unique gem below.

  • Michael Ellis

What a soothing blend of subtle "punk" elements with innovative pop sounds. Cloudy June brings nostalgic poetry on "Goodbye to Honeymoon" with beautiful harmony layers and delivery.

The 22-year-old Ex-Metal singer and independent artist explains;

" ’Goodbye to Honeymoon’ deals with the feeling of fading love in a relationship. We've all been at this point in a relationship when the original butterflies in our stomachs and the rose-colored glasses were stripped away from us. The first argument followed by the first fight even. 'Goodbye to Honeymoon’ is a song about wanting to go back to the day when it all started. And about the fear of losing your partner through a rough time in the relationship."

Crazy to think that for 3 years she was the lead-singer of a death metal band before deciding to focus on her solo career. Now Cloudy is reaching fans all across the world with her new music. She's doing great with appearances on many Spotify editorial playlists, we look forward to her continued ascent!

  • Michael Ellis

I was so happy to see that these two artists collabed and wasn't that surprised at the same time. We've been blogging Aaron for years and know he's a staple in the indie rock/pop scene. I discovered Saiah recently and still have his single "Black (Planet)" rotating on the FACES playlist.

We got a light-hearted but addicting energy on this production with the undeniably catchy bass-line and simple drums framing it all. Aaron has the laid back but commanding vocal tone then Sai brings his trademark smooth yet turnt up approach on the 2nd verse.

Hear for yourself below and watch the action-packed video.

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