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Benji Brown croons on his latest release, "Yesterday's Love." The verses have a tender, honest vocal delivery, and lead into a lighter falsetto chorus that gives the song the lift it needs. The lyrics are a genuine outpour of feelings after parting ways with a loved one, and reminiscing on what was and could've been. The piano elements that sprinkle throughout the song are such a treat. This one's worth checking out.

  • Zade Ryan

After the release of their debut EP Follow in March, KOKO are off to become the next indie darlings. Likened to Bands like the The Prodigy or Jamie T, the Bristol trio puts out eerie pop bangers and soft sad songs. EP Number two coming in autumn, meanwhile the boys hit us with two stand alone songs to get over the summer.

"22s" is an excellent example of dark pop with a perfect combination of stylistic influences. The production features an elastic synth-bass line and airy production, while the vocal melodies range in rhythmic pop-rap to a more sustained delivery that gives the song a fresh sense of variety. The buildup is particularly compelling, as it takes the song into a more dreamy space before the punchy hook that follows. This one's on our favourites playlist—check it out now.

Jodi Valentin releases "Vanish," an infectious, bouncy pop track with a hook that defies expectations. The verses offer a more ethereal, smooth production quality, while the hook takes more of a rhythmic, yet impressively light approach. The sidechained synth pattern gives the chorus a strong groove. Jodi's vocals are clean and perfect for the sweet pop aesthetic of the song, particularly when she elevates into her falsetto. Check out this bop below.