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Shingle-voiced Southerner Freddie Long, like so many others, spent his teenage years writing and recording songs in his bedroom while feeding his appetite for live performance at Karaoke nights and friend’s birthdays. When his mates convinced him to start putting performances on Social Media, and subsequently he started getting incredible messages and comments from thousands of people across the world.

Taking the path of being a singer/songwriter has never been one paved out. However, with Freddie Long’s signature vocal ability that has a graveled undertone to it, makes you feel like you have known this voice your whole life. Inviting you in, Freddie’s talent can sometimes embrace you for a hug and sometimes it can make you feel exactly what he is feeling. A true marker of talent, Freddie Long is the epitome of the millennial generation that is being torn from the harsh realities of the modern world.

In his new release These Darker Days, Long's signature vocals cut through in a powerful, anthemic hook. The rhythmic variation in the verses adds interest to the arrangement, and the triplet-style vocals in the chorus are super compelling. Check out his new single below.

  • Zade Ryan

LU KALA, fiery voiced songstress—with signature orange hair to match—is redefining the look and sound of pop.

The independent Toronto-based singer-songwriter has written for the likes of Jennifer Hudson and worked with DVSN (Drake, DJ Khaled, Majid Jordan) and Stephen Kozmeniuk (Dua Lipa, Madonna, Lights).

KALA's sound is raw, intensely emotive and mercurial with an ability to lean into dance, R&B, rock, soul and pop, as shown in her latest release, No Smoke. Unwilling to vocally bend herself into the box black female performers are expected to exist in, KALA has embraced her distinctive sound, transforming her trajectory as an artist, and as a woman, in the process.

With over 1 Million streams across platforms, her releases have landed on official playlists such as Spotify's It's a Bop, Indie Pop Chillout, Morning Commute and New Music Friday Canada, as well as Apple Music's Breaking Pop playlist, Pop Deluxe and Pure Pop Radio. "DCMO" also cracked the top 40 on the Billboard Canada CHR chart after gaining airplay on Top 40 stations across the country.

With the upcoming release of her debut EP, KALA continues venturing into emotional places few dare to go—on or off record. Her songs are unflinching in their tales of personal, hard-earned lessons in love. Romantic disillusionment, identity and self-worth, are all laid-bare with breathtaking, unapologetic power.

Check out her latest release, No Smoke, below.

  • Michael Ellis

Muza isn't saying "Bye Felicia" but instead "Hey Felicia" with his new anthem for the ladies of the night. After being successful in the Bollywood market, "Hey Felicia" is about appreciating, accepting and understanding strippers. He stresses that we need to see them as human beings who work hard pay and live like anyone else would.

The track incorporates his smooth tone and sad piano melodies that carry a somber energy but the trap drum energy and tempo also adds elements of hope and positivity.

The lyrics are uplifting and anti-shaming towards strippers. He shows his support for their lifestyle choice and is interested in getting to know them. It's great seeing Muza branch out into more accessible music, entering a more mainstream market from already being established in the Bollywood scene.

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