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  • Zade Ryan

VC is a Tampa artist that works to blend lyrical writing with flavourful tunes as he experiments with the line that separates old and new hip-hop. Transferring from his earlier focus on poetry, VC maintains poetic depth in lyrical pieces while simultaneously experimenting with more aggressive and upbeat sides of hip-hop. Moreover, recent releases have showcased more melodic, pop sounding flavours that VC can bring to the table.

VC combines swag with groove on his latest release, "Need More." His voice is compelling and unapologetically forward. His melodies are unpredictably engaging, featuring both piercing and airy vocal delivery, creating an ebb and flow vibe that keeps us interested.

A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove” is the debut single from Righteous Punk - the alias of writer/producer and Roseburg lead singer, Zach Knell. Mixed by Grammy award-winning recording and mix engineer Adam Hawkins (Twenty One Pilots, Walk The Moon, 5 Seconds of Summer) and co-written by Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, the single represents a new chapter in the symbolic journey of Righteous Punk.

Righteous Punk defies expectations and genre boundaries with "A Tree, A Punk, 2 Masks, A Dove." With what seems to start as an orchestral indie-pop track, he seamlessly transitions into a modern Coldplay-esque arrangement. His vocals are clean and pop-style, with a hint of punk rasp, complimenting the already engaging melody.

He follows with a more rock-oriented chorus that sounds heavy and lush, while still managing to maintain a sense of space and lightness. The song takes the listener on a journey full of pleasant surprises. We're loving this track.

Nicholas Roberts releases "Tell You," a light, dreamy track reflecting on the challenges of being honest with someone. With smooth vocals and a bouncy synth arrangement, this is an earworm we're loving. The harmonies add warmth to the more metallic synth arrangement, creating a really pleasant balance. Check out the lyric video below.

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