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  • Jordan Maahs


Always willing to try something different, Jack White has revealed a 3-in-1 interactive video for his recent Lazaretto single, “That Black Bat Licorice”. The video presents three different videos which can be viewed at any time, depending on the keys you do, or don't, press (HINT: try the "3" and “B”). Each video was directed by a different person: animation by James Blagden, live action by White himself, and Head-banging by Brad Holland. Take a look and see which video you like best!

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With their ethereal two-part harmonies, inventive melodies, and dark psychedelic influences, Tasseomancy’s masterfully crafted songs offer a unique twist on folk-rock. The Toronto duo blends the woodsy, folk-influenced harmonies of First Aid Kit, the psychedelic vibes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and the weaving melodies of Laura Marling into rare and dreamy nu-folk perfection. The sisters, Sari and Romy Lightman, debuted two new tracks this week: the eerie and ghostly “Grass Harp” stays true to the duo’s Doors-inspired trademark sound, while “Braid. Wind Is Coming” is relatively more poppy and moving. Tasseomancy has not scheduled any upcoming gigs since their December 2014 show at Lee’s Palace, but their Facebook page promises new music and shows for this year, so stay tuned!

CHECK OUT: “Grass Harp”


The Beaches

Young indie-rockers The Beaches began as a teeny pop-rock band that was regularly featured on Family Channel (Done With Dolls, anyone?), but despite still being in high school, this all-girl ensemble has matured into a a formidable rock band that draws heavily on influences like The White Stripes and Patti Smith. Their songs are anthemic and hooky, but with a rough and angsty teenage-edge. Made up of two sisters and their school friends (they are all under the age of 20, FYI), The Beaches have already seen a fair amount of success, gaining enough recognition to play NXNE, Osheaga, Riot Fest, and opening for Kings of Leon in Montreal in 2013. With the rise in popularity of all-girl bands like HAIM, The Beaches have created a dynamic that will only continue to gain momentum in 2015. They don’t have any gigs planned at the moment, but keep an eye out for their name on festival lineups this summer.

CHECK OUT: “Loner”


Ginger-Ale & The Monowhales

This colourful five-piece’s high energy synth-infused pop rock is infectiously reckless and rambunctious. Self-described “happy with screaming”, their combination of funky bass lines, infusing rock riffs, and the inclusion of psychedelic synth keeps the sound ridiculously fresh and interesting. On top of that, front woman Sally Shaar (whose vocals are essentially the love-child of Joan Jett and Gwen Stefani on dangerous amounts of Redbull) brings an unapologetic attitude and genuine vitality to catchy courses and cheeky verses. The Monowhales currently have their sights set on a new EP looking to be released summer of this year. Until then, the band has two shows in Toronto this month: March 12th at The ‘Shoe and April 25th at The Smiling Buddha.

CHECK OUT: “Too Late”


Moon King

Toronto duo Moon King is set to release their debut LP on April 14th with an album release party at Smiling Buddha before tour dates in the US with Doldrums. Front woman Maddy Wilde’s cloudy and characteristic vocals are juxtaposed with the retro-futuristic dream pop vibes in their most recent release, “Apocalypse”. Though this new release points to a seemingly darker direction for the band, compared to previous perkier tracks like “Only Child”, the contrast between the almost surf-inspired upbeat melodies and the monotone synthetic hum that often typifies electro-pop creates colourful and engaging sound. Moon King is ideal for fans of Crystal Castles and this year’s Field Trip performers The War On Drugs.

CHECK OUT: “Apocalypse”


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  • James Oh

Within a matter of hours, newfeeds and bulletin boards blew up with the news that Skrillex’s producer ‘Cilvaringz’ and Wu-Tang affiliates confirmed Skrillex’s purchase of Wu-tang’s new album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” However, a few days later both Skrillex and Cilvaringz revealed that although the real copy of the album was used in the shooting of their MV ‘F-ck That’, the confirmation of the sale of the album with a simple ‘yup’ on a forum board was merely a joke.

Although no transaction was made, the rate of how quickly the news spread is a testament to Wu-Tang’s novel idea of creating only a single hard copy of a modern album. The idea goes far beyond a publicity stunt and making millions (although I’m sure either doesn’t hurt). To put it in a nutshell, their goal is to bring music into the finer arts and change the way music is consumed. Within days of announcing the existence of the album, they received an offer of $5 million, proving that enthusiasts are willing to pay millions of dollars for an album the same way that people pay millions of dollars for a one-of-a-kind painting.

The single copy of a double CD “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” is encased in a silver and nickel box, hand-carved over three months by renowned British-Moroccan artist Yahya. Before it is sold to the highest bidder, it will tour the world at museums, galleries and festivals where listening events will be held at a premium price, similar to high-profile exhibits of art. Of course there will be strict procedures to ensure that no listener takes an audio recording during the tour as that would destroy the entire concept. For example, it’s likely that listeners will have to listen through the entire 128-minute album using headphones at the event.

As discussed in our previous post on Spotify (http://www.nu-lab.net/#!HOW-WILL-SPOTIFY-DO-IN-CANADA/czto/39F19C42-EC01-4CF2-A8BC-31973308487E), music has become so accessible in this generation that pirating has become the main source of sharing and listening. Today, listening to music has ben devalued to the point where it’s virtually free; Wu-Tang wants to bring music back to the same level of other fine arts.

This is indeed a game-changer, however one potential flaw to the grand scheme is that the winning bidder can do whatever they want with the album. If a museum becomes the owner, they will likely use it to bring in listeners at a premium price. A brand (such as Samsung who partnered with Jay-Z on his album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”) may also buy the album to increase its own goodwill. A recording label could also buy the album and distribute it through the usual commercial channels, or a wealthy citizen could purchase it and keep it to themself or release it to the public for free.

Whether or not the Wu-Tang Clan will be successful in their goal is debatable, however it is clear that this single idea has made waves within the industry.

“It’s either genius or madness,” says Yayha. “And I suppose we’ll [find] out which if it works.”

Below is a 51 second preview of the lone album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.”


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