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  • Zade Ryan

Born in NY and raised in Westwood, NJ, Nate Ouellette made his mind up from an early age that he was going to be a star. His father was a composer so music was always in his household. He began writing in middle school but always kept it to himself. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school that he began taking his talent more seriously. He began connecting with local artists and producers and sharing song ideas, eventually recording some of them but only to show friends and family. When they took to his skills and sound, he realized that his dream of being a big artist might actually become more of reality than he ever imagined.

"Fantasy" by Nate Ouellette featuring Jvxe is an R&B/pop hidden treasure featuring a perfect juxtaposition of light instrumentation and heavy vocals. It manages to fit within the soundscapes of artists such as Juice Wrld and XXXTentacion for its complex rhythms and emotional vocals, while also shining on its own with its more pop-infused melodies and bright production.

Friends share secrets, they complain, they emote, they celebrate. And they even make beautiful music together. When Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler joined forces for “you were good to me,” it was much more than two rising stars combining their natural-born talents; it was two friends sharing their personal conversations (set to music) with the rest of the world.

While both Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler are established names in their own right, their collaboration on "Emily" is a gift. Their vocals laced together over the subtle guitar in the verses are a perfect storytelling device for the lyrics to resonate through.

  • Zade Ryan

When Tarek Jafar (guitar/vocals) and Justin Tessier (drums/vocals) formed The Blue Stones, they were facing uncertainty about who they were individually. What they did know for sure, though, was that they wanted to make music together—and, so they did.

"Spirit" features a great push-and-pull with very stripped-down verses, followed by heavy-hitting hooks. The verse vocals, which are further back in the mix, feel super dreamy and allude to something much bigger coming in the next section of the song. The guitar riff covering the chorus is perfectly catchy and compelling in its own right, but when layered with vocals, it wraps the song up into a perfect package that both the commercial listener and rock fan can vibe with.

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