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  • Michael Ellis

Meet indie savant Tommy Newport - a native of Wichita, Kansas who's changing the game. The rising singer, songwriter, and producer caught the Internet's attention with an infectious performance on the internationally renowned YouTube series COLORS and has seen a whirlwind of acclaim since. Now Tommy brings us new single "Warp Speed Suzie" alongside its accompanying video, due out next week.

Tommy's music is a fresh balance of nostalgia with modern elements. The vocal approach is an impressive back-n-forth of falsetto and mid-range that creates different scenes and moods in the music.

Despite his young age, Tommy is an old soul and he's bringing back the old-school vibe in a new school way— mixing classic rock with modern production elements. Tommy started teaching himself guitar at age 14 and never looked back. Never really good at school, Tommy poured his energy and creativity into learning his craft and put out his first album at just 16 years old.

The video shows the speed of life Suzie is truly living at, galavanting around the streets of Berlin recklessly.

  • Michael Ellis

Brian Walker is a Pop/R&B singer-songwriter, producer and mix engineer from East Kingston, NH. He writes, produces and mixes his own stuff which is rare and extra respectable these days. This time around, he teams up with ABRAM (Indonesian Producer) and Daniela Nicole (American Vocalist) for ROLEPLAY.

This song is a dynamic hybrid of electronic elements but tamed in very digestible pop structure. I can tell the sound choices are carefully hand-picked to really paint a pretty picture around the vocals. The male and female vocals align well and mirror melodies for a memorable track.

Brian explains what inspired the song:

"Some people fall in love with their high school sweethearts, get married after college, and then settle down and have a family right away. That may be the idealistic, perfect relationship. But often times love stories are a bit more complicated than that. When it comes to relationships, people often get confused and don’t really know what they’re looking for. They feel like they need to go out and experience life, and are missing out on something by settling down. Or perhaps their standards for love are so high, that they force themselves into isolation and loneliness, only to realize that what they once had, or could’ve had, was actually something great, and once-in-a-lifetime.

ROLEPLAY is a song that deals with the latter situation. The man in this song knew right away that who he was looking at was someone special, but the girl didn’t see it. She left and went out and traveled, and lived her life, only to realize later that he could be the one to fill the void in her life. ROLEPLAY is a song about second chances, and never giving up on love, no matter how complicated it can get, or how long it can take to find. The literal meaning of the title, is that the man and woman in this song have only ever been just friends, and now they are ready to take on the new “ROLES” of being together in a committed relationship."

Stream ROLEPLAY below!

  • Michael Ellis

Nick Marcus is 21 from Sydney with soulful vocals that bring his Pop/R&B sound to life. This song is a powerful combination of soaring vocals and cinematic production all tied into one memorable product.

Falling is a pop/ballad about two people being in different stages of the same relationship. It is about the heartbreak of falling too deep in love with someone when they don’t feel the same way.

Stream below and look for a self-titled EP later this year.

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