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  • Zade Ryan

teeballpaul hits a home run with "Full House." The song is undeniably cool with its filtered vocals overtop the lower octave vocal that gives the song a great sense of presence. The track features a variety of colours through its ebb and flow of the verses and choruses, where the vocals jump in range and the production evolves. This is indie pop at its finest.

  • Zade Ryan

Funny enough, this track is just what we needed right now. The rock-style production fused with the electronic synth lead is such a fresh combo that we're loving right now. We're pleasantly surprised again later in the song where he adds a rap section. "Just What I Need" defies expectations in the best ways possible.

  • Zade Ryan

With solid melodic punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music. Kid Travis has a very active YouTube Channel with over 400k Subscribers where he posts both original music/ visuals as well as Covers which have been recognized by prominent artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre .Music is his passion.This singer,songwriter,instrumentalist,producer has gifts to share with the world. "WON'T LET ME GO" is genre fusion at its finest. The toy xylophone used in the song adds a playful sense of irony. The production has more of an indie-rock vibe; when fused with the R&B vocals, it creates a really compelling vibe. This is a fire track you should check out immediately.