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  • Cam Lynch

Justin TimberLime

Justin Timberlake is having some fun promoting his premium tequila, Sauza 901; playing past-his-prime lime, Rick Vane, living in a world where limes are no longer needed to cure ‘pucker face’ (the face you make when you’ve had some bad tequila).

Timberlake’s brand, named after his hometown Memphis’ area code, is advertised to be so smooth that limes are not needed.

The hilarious 3-minute ad showcases some impressive make-up (Timberlake and his co-stars are almost unrecognizable) and largely resembles a Martin Scorsese gangster flick.

You have to love Timberlake’s sense of humor. We certainly hope he’ll deliver more great comedy like this in the near future.

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  • Jordan Maahs

Florence + The Machine

Florence Welch and company have dropped another single ahead of the June 2nd release of their third album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’. “Delilah” is the fifth single from the upcoming album, following previously released teasers “What Kind of Man”, “Ship to Wreck”, “St. Jude” and the album’s title track.

The new single starts off slow and heavy, spotlighting frontwoman Florence Welch’s incomparable vocals before building into a bouncy gospel-infused number — appropriately completed with soulful background vocals and hand-clapping. It’s a strong and defiantly exuberant anthem that expresses the simple desire to be free and feel fine.

The indie dance spiritual is an instant festival classic, and with all of Florence & The Machine’s upcoming dates, including appearances at Osheaga and Bestival Toronto, it’s sure to keep music fans dancing barefoot in the grass all summer long.

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  • Cam Lynch

Tupac 7Dayz.jpg

Music video producer and director Gobi M. Rahimi is using Indiegogo.com to crowdfund a new Tupac Shakur documentary, ‘7 Dayz’; a film which will chronicle the final week leading up to the legendary rapper’s death.

This has no relation to the biopic that John Singleton pulled out of in April. Singleton left the film due to people involved being “not really respectful of the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur." Rahimi is now, independently, seeking $300,000 to create his film without any interference from corporate Hollywood.

Over the weekend, Rahimi released a video (below) describing his time with Tupac and what his vision is for the film.

“This isn't a documentary. It's not a hologram and it's not a repurposed album. This is my experience; my story. 7 Days is a narrative feature film about the week I sat security for Tupac in the hospital,” he explains in the video, “The script incorporates never-before-seen footage of 'Pac that I shot weeks before his demise."

The crowdfunding page also lists some pretty exciting perks for donors to the film, including a dinner with Rahimi, credits in the film and even an 18-karat replica of Tupac’s gold Euphanasia chain for the exclusive $50,000 donor bracket.

The site has raised $4,360 since going online 2 days ago with 45 days remaining. Visit the site here to see the complete list of perks and decide if you want to help make this idea a reality.

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