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  • Cam Lynch

Toronto outfit ‘Wilde’ are quickly gaining recognition for their debut video ‘Flashlight’. I had the opportunity to talk with Brandon Merenick, one of the producers from Wilde, and learn a bit more about the band and see what the future has in store for them. Here’s what he had to say.

From Left: Olutobi 'Nyra' Akinwumi, Giselle Mapp, Brandon Merenick

Where did the band's name come from?

Well because of Twitter and Soundcloud, one word anything is already taken. We're ‘Wilde’ but we use ‘We Are Wilde’ because of social media.

How did all of you meet?

Actually, I’ve known our manager for several years and he introduced me to Giselle, our singer. I was already doing some production with Nyra, the other band member, so I was sort of working with each of them separately and thought it would be a good idea to bring us all together. That was basically it.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I think there are some pop elements in there with alternative or electro. Some people have said it could be a mix between large drums of Florence with some darker moods of The Weeknd.

What is the production process and dynamic like between you Giselle (Mapp) and (Olutobi) 'Nyra' (Akinwumi)?

The production and writing process has been different for every song. We didn’t start out as a band. We just started out as musicians working together and it went past our original intention to become a “band”. The way the songs were completed might have been Giselle bringing an acapella concept or Nyra and I coming with some instrumental ideas or really just jamming on some progressions and having Giselle ad-lib. So it’s the use of a bunch of different processes to create these songs.

Your song Flashlight has a heavily conceptualized new video with some darker undertones. For such a beautiful song, it's an interesting juxtaposition. What was the idea behind that?

It was really working with the video director (Glenn Michael). We had just come to him with the song and let him, I guess without any boundaries, come up with most of the concept. There was some editing and some compromises a little bit with us, but we liked the ideas he had brought to us. So it was a team effort with the director.

You've gained some attention for your imaginative covers of Hanging Tree and Take Me to Church. Can we expect any more down the road and where does the inspiration come from when covering/remixing certain songs?

I think we will definitely work on more covers. I think it was something just in preparation for releasing some music, that had some delays. We were just working out some decisions like going with a label or going independently, so during that time we decided to do our own versions of a few of those songs. I think, in the future, we would be open to doing some more covers, but it would just be sort of in the mode of pitching out some more original music. We’re open to doing that stuff, but it was really just timing for us and obviously for fans of those songs.

What's next for Wilde? EP? Album? Playing shows?

We have a few shows coming up this month. On May 16th we’re playing with a band called Role Model, out of Toronto, that’s being put on by Anchor Shop and a couple more shows coming up, but we’re just preparing for releasing our EP that has approx 6 originals with 7 remixes that are included in the project. So that, for the summer, is going to be the main focus and pushing it with some live shows. We haven’t considered tours or anything right now, we’re just focusing online and building a fan-base that way.

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  • Jordan Maahs

… Well, kind of. Whether you like it or not, the lovely city of Toronto is hosting the Pan-Am Games this year, and if you're a sports fan — that’s probably some pretty fantastic news. For those of us to prefer to catch a live gig instead of a live game, there’s something that Torontonian music fans can now look forward to this summer too.

The Pan-Am Games just announced their own mini-festival, appropriately titled “Panamania”, which will take place during the games. The celebratory festival is essentially multiple events around the city taking place for a total of 23 days, and includes events such as nightly fireworks and jumbo screens for live coverage.

Best of all? 130 bands that have been just announced to be part of the celebrations, and there are some pretty big names on the docket. Performers include The Flaming Lips, Chromeo, Death From Above 1979, Jann Arden, The Roots, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Janelle Monáe, A Tribe Called Red, and many others will all play Nathan Phillips Square this summer.

Even better than that? It’s all free.

Check out the full list of the performances below!


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  • Jordan Maahs

Rising London four-piece Beach Baby have shared their new track “No Mind No Money”. This is the band’s second single, following hot on the heels of their debut single “Ladybird”.

With two singles in the past month, an upcoming sold-out debut show in London, and recent gigs opening for indie heavyweights Django Django and Jungle — it looks like 2016 is going to be the year for Beach Baby. They’ve got a little bit of everything: wobbly psych-influenced guitar lines, hazing waves of synth, pop melodies, grunge riffs, a little bit of post-punk, and a little bit of shoegaze all come together for this triumphant track. “No Mind No Money” is a promising sample of what this emerging band has to offer. Currently there are no official plans for a debut album, but we have our fingers crossed.

Check them out while it’s fresh!


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