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  • Zade Ryan


Kawehi has a new EP out and it's called 'Robot Heart'. Most of the songs are on the darker side but this track has a positive and empowering message. After posting the video she said "I realized after we finished recording the EP that all of the songs were about a Robot stealing peoples hearts and about questioning the worth of the human race as a whole. It was f***ing depressing...which doesn't usually bother me, but this time, I was thirsty for something positive. And thus came the idea of ANTHEM - as a reminder that yeah, we can be assholes at times – but as a race, we are in charge of our own lives – and ultimately we can make a difference in the lives of others through generosity and compassion." Pretty cool Kawehi...Aaaanyways let's talk about this video for a minute. Knowing that all the production was created by her voice is cool enough but the disembodied heads theme is just unreal! I could watch this all day!..aaaand I did, and I will again tomorrow. Love it.

Get your copy of ANTHEM: kawehi.bandcamp.com/album/robot-heart Say hello!: facebook.com/iamkawehi Twitter: @iamkawehi

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  • Zade Ryan

We hear it everyday: The music industry is on the decline and it's in danger of shutting down completely. When I first started hearing this I said "yeah yeah, we thought the same thing when cassette tapes came out." After a while, the statistics started looking pretty scary though. Could it be possible? Could the music industry crash?! Well we know that illegal downloading changed everything and, with how accessible everything is, it's tough to make anything more than a flash in the pan these days. On top of that, this "streaming" frenzy is at an all time high and is still rising! Who needs to buy music when we have Songza, Spotify, 8Tracks and Soundcloud, to name a few? Here's the question though: Is the streaming craze going to be the end or new beginning for the music business? The truth, in a nutshell, is that download sales are down 6 percent from last year, which is about 80 million downloads. Sounds bad but the 118 billion streams actually brought in around 500 million dollars in revenue! Much more than the 80 million or so that was lost in downloads. Streaming services are also just getting warmed up, which means that we can expect more money to be directed to the music industry in the future and all you young hopefuls don't have to give up on your dreams just yet!

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