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  • Zade Ryan

Beren Olivia serves the some of the sweetest sounding pop we've heard recently.

The song has the perfect amount of space, and the melodies are super memorable. The vocoder-esque vocal style in the pre-choruses was a really pleasant surprise. We love the juxtaposition of the more projected vocals on the "hurts so good" punchline with the softer responses that follow.

The production features modern, fresh synths and crisp percussion. The production never interferes with the awesome vocal performance, and everything blends together seamlessly.

We were pleased to find a sweet acoustic version of the song on her YouTube channel as well. Definitely keep an ear out for Beren Olivia's future releases.

  • Zade Ryan

Braden the Young is a rising DIY-producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Kansas City, MO. After receiving his first guitar at age 12, Braden began writing and recording music in bands in high school and college. As a composer, his music has been featured in television, film, and national advertising campaigns (including for Google, Microsoft, and T-Mobile). His style leans into several sub-genres of EDM including synth-pop and chillstep with a solid foundation in live instrumentation and bold, throwback-inspired melodies.

Though often behind the mic himself, Braden the Young songs usually feature vocal collaborations, tapping in heavily to the music scenes of Kansas City and Portland, OR (where he currently resides). For Braden, building a community of artists is as, or more, important than the music itself. Through his label that he co-founded, Middleborn, Braden has forged a circle of talented artists who have also become some of his closest friends.

One of our favourite bangers of the summer, Stay In is modern pop at its finest. The song kicks off with a guitar intro that gives off nostalgic vibes, and jumps right into a compelling vocal and production arrangement full of dynamic and charm.

Young's unique timbre cuts through beautifully; his nonchalant yet engaging delivery has us hooked. The pitched vocal layers compliment the aesthetic well. With fresh and playful melodies that kept us guessing, the swag in this track is absolutely undeniable. The verses are full of melodic variation. The hook is ingeniously simplistic and infectious. Young is joined by collaborator Mighty on the bridge with slick rhythmic variation and playful quarantine-inspired lyrics.

Stay In is the perfect song for the times. It's a yes from us.

Hailing from Padova, Italy, Damien Mcfly is the moniker behind Damiamo Ferrari, a driven, passionate and charismatic singer songwriter who bridges the gaps between old and new. Captivating audiences with his raw vocals, the timeless vibes of folk and modern sounds of indie his music has taken him to more than 15 different countries playing over 500 shows. Damien is now working on the release of his new album due in 2020 with plans to tour UK Europe, Canada and USA.

On Our Own features a slick amalgamation of rock influence reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and more contemporary electronic pop production elements, with an impressive vocal performance to match.

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