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  • Zade Ryan

At 24, Christy O’Donnell has already lived out several unlikely dreams. He’s busked the streets of Glasgow making £400 a day. He’s been in a boy band, Supernova (“Busted meets One Direction – the music was terrible”); he’s played the lead in an indie film, Moondogs, and he’s currently two seasons in as a romantic hero in the time-travelling Disney series Find Me In Paris. He’s even climbed Arthur’s Seat with Rufus Wainwright… But beneath the young Glaswegian’s many incarnations is a serious musician about to unleash his first EP (August 2020): a suite of songs which mix the vocal tenderness of Jeff Buckley or Chris Martin with the swirling musicality of Bon Iver. Though intensely personal, this is not simple, singer- songwriter territory: the effervescent O’Donnell counts Ray Charles, John Martyn and Chet Baker as among his biggest musical influences.

"Forever" is an absolutely moving track; Christy's tender vocal performance resonates so well with the song's theme. We love the sustained note on "I should've known." The chorus floats in a light falsetto wrapped in lush backing vocals—this is a top-tier soundscape, and we're super impressed.

  • Zade Ryan

Casey Shirin shines on her latest release, "Another Guy." Her vocals are the perfect kind of mellow—they sit right in the pocket and never overstep the production. The chorus melody is super trendy and tight; we love the rhythmic melody here and how it elevates the energy. The lyrics reflect on a relationship gone wrong, and the relatable theme is a vibe we're sure will connect with new listeners.

In this remix by Friend Group, Penny & Sparrow are on fire with "Don't Wanna Be Without Ya." The vocals seem to take more of a backseat in the mix compared to the instrumentation, but with the lush layers of harmonies underneath, it compensates for this and gives the song a really unique indie-pop edge.

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