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  • Zade Ryan

We're absolutely captivated by mehro's latest release, "chance with you." The melodies gorgeously manage to pull on the heart strings without sounding outdated or melodramatic. The production consists mainly of acoustic instrumentation, with sprinkles of other twinkling elements that add to the magical vibe of the song.

The pre-chorus is such a perfect transition from the verse, as it transcends into a compelling falsetto vocal. The lyrics are sentimental and reflective. We're in love with this track.

  • Zade Ryan

There's a mysterious, subtle perfection in Bank Fenn's debut release, "Iron Bars." On top of a minimal guitar arrangement and soft synth pad, his almost whispering vocals are like a soft blanket on a winter evening. The soundscape is so simple yet so mesmerizing. The song is short, and leaves us wanting more.

  • Zade Ryan

In an era where dance/EDM music is certainly underrated, logszmusic shines with "More Love." The track features exotic production elements over a 4-on-the-floor beat and a laid-back yet confident vocal hook that keeps us wanting more.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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