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  • Zade Ryan

An American Alternative Pop band formed by Kenny Grimm (Producer), and Naomi Almquist (Vocalist) in 2013, the two recruited Isabelle De Leon (Drummer) soon after. Following the release of their self titled EP “Prinze George” the band went on tour with Albert Hammond Jr as direct support in 2015. Bolstering their growing reputation they dropped their debut album “Illiterate Synth Pop” in 2016 and joined Lewis Del Mar on his North American Tour.

After impressing fans at festivals like Austin City Limits, Eaux Claires and Firefly with their nostalgic, synth-soaked sound and mesmerizing, gripping performances, the band released their last EP “Airborne” in 2018. Around the same time, Naomi and Kenny were given the opportunity to write songs for actor / director Til Schweiger’s film “Head Full of Honey” in Europe. They continued to expand their loyal following and break genre barriers thanks to a string of collaborations in 2019 with some of the industries top artists like Carnage, Diplo, G-Eazy & Wiz Khalifa (“Slot Machine”, “Letting People Go” & “Wait For Me”).

Accompanied by a light synth pad and heartbeat-like beat, the droning melodies of Prinze George's latest release, Centuries, is a compelling track full of pleasant surprises. Once the song opens up in the refrain, it creates a lift opens up the song through its more colourful production elements. We love this unique approach, and how it defies expectations. Check out this great new release below.

  • Zade Ryan

Updated: Mar 15

Since 2015, Hayden Day, better known as GYYPS or Gypsy Burns, has built a solid foundation as one of the only few artists repping the 818, amassing over 80 million global streams to date. He has supported and co-headlined tours, performing for crowds in venues and at festivals across the US and Canada, including Summerfest and Outside Lands.

Having lived through a rough childhood surrounded by drug addiction and violence in and around the home, music has helped GYYPS share his life stories. With every project, it’s become very easy to see his perspective as a young kid understanding manhood and the responsibilities that come with it, expressing self-empowerment, awareness but also free spiritedness, problems with relationships, drug addiction, and the “rate race” of social/financial mobility. GYYPS plans to leave his impact over time through classic albums showcasing talent, real impactful messages, confidence, and a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude.

GYYPS is on fire with his new track, "Careless." The intro feels like a fake-out with the more soca-inspired beat, as it's followed by a more fast-paced beat featuring a constant hi-hat and rhythmic vocals. The hook is catchy and full of pleasant surprises. This is a certified bop, check it out below.

Some opposites do more than just attract. Such a union drives Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine Ok. At first glance, vocalist Jon Sandler and producer and multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman seem like a study in contrasts. Often clad in space age glittery jackets and bathed in a laser glow, Sandler’s voice stretches from singer-songwriter sensitivity to funky falsetto. Something of an aural mad scientist, Moellman quietly draws on nearly two decades of production experience and an expansive arsenal of instruments. However, it works flawlessly for them.

“Luke is very much the technical mind, and I’m very much the emotional lyricist,” affirms Sandler. In 2013, the musicians recorded a debut viral and critical hit entitled “You’re The One For Me.” 2014 saw them release a pair of EPs—Body Diamond and 2M2H. Their third EP, III, spawned the smash “Take It Or Leave It.” Holed up in a cabin on a Catskill Mountains writing retreat in 2018, they made a conscious decision to expand the creative palette yet again on their fourth EP. “We brought in more organic instrumentation,” explains Sandler. “It’s like we’ve been up in the air, traveling through space. With this new material, we’ve landed on a planet; we are little more human.” Fueled by that interplay, the duo take pop to a new galaxy. “When people listen to these songs, I hope they feel something,” Sandler leaves off. “Whether you’re getting deep to the lyrics or partying, you’re taking something away. That’s all we could ever ask for.”

"Could Be Us" reflects on wanting more from a relationship, and wondering where it could lead if you take that jump. It's interesting to hear the perspectives from both sides, through both Great Good Fine Ok and Emily Burns' verses. The production features percussive synth chords that offer space in the mix, creating a compelling soundscape. Check this bop out below.

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