• Zade Ryan



Kawehi has a new EP out and it's called 'Robot Heart'. Most of the songs are on the darker side but this track has a positive and empowering message. After posting the video she said "I realized after we finished recording the EP that all of the songs were about a Robot stealing peoples hearts and about questioning the worth of the human race as a whole. It was f***ing depressing...which doesn't usually bother me, but this time, I was thirsty for something positive. And thus came the idea of ANTHEM - as a reminder that yeah, we can be assholes at times – but as a race, we are in charge of our own lives – and ultimately we can make a difference in the lives of others through generosity and compassion." Pretty cool Kawehi...Aaaanyways let's talk about this video for a minute. Knowing that all the production was created by her voice is cool enough but the disembodied heads theme is just unreal! I could watch this all day!..aaaand I did, and I will again tomorrow. Love it.

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