• Curtis Cameron


Thom Yorke + Stanley Donwood

Radiohead album cover artist - Stanley Donwood, who has done the band’s album art and posters since 1994, has brought an amazing exhibition to Sydney, Australia - showcasing his work with the band and his own solo work entitled ‘The Panic Office’. What’s even more exciting is that, front man for the band and long time friend, Thom Yorke is creating the soundtrack for the exhibit.

According to Australian radio station Triple J, the soundtrack will be titled Subterranea and will feature completely unique music throughout the 18 day exhibition. The ambient and experimental soundtrack Yorke has meticulously crafted will be separated into 3 levels so that subs will boom from the floor, mids will echo through the walls, while the highs rain down from the ceiling.

As if the exhibition wasn’t cool enough, Radiohead fans are being asked to send in their own attempts at the Kid A bear, an iconic emblem from the band’s 2000 record Kid A, to construct a 4 meter high red obelisk, plastered with fan versions of the bear.

Yorke has no plans to release the soundtrack so it looks like the only way to hear it will be at the exhibit, running through to June 6!

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