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Ok Go is known for their innovative music videos and they certainly won't disappoint with their latest release. The group recently teamed up with S7 Airlines to produce a zero gravity music video for "Upside Down & Inside Out" and it's unbelievable. I don't want to ruin your first view experience with any more details but I will say that the process to make the video is definitely something to be noted.

To achieve zero gravity, the plane had to descend at a certain speed to nullify gravity's force so they only had 27 seconds at a time to get their shots. It took the plane 5 minutes or so to get back up to the right altitude for them to descend again. In the end, they cut and edited 8 takes to make the video.

Watch "Upside Down & Inside Out" below. (Exclusive Facebook Release)

You can also view the video here:

For a full (very detailed) breakdown of how the video was created, click here.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Ok Go's work, I've posted a few of their earlier projects below.

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