• Isabel Ross


Husband and Wife duo Flora Cash met in 2012 over SoundCloud by sharing their music back and forth. They now live together in Stockholm where they make music together. Their mellow and eerie sound is unique and very intriguing. Earlier this year they released their debut album "Can Summer Love Last Forever?" Until now the song "Nightmare" was never released as a single. Now it's having its moment along with a release of five remixes of tracks from the album. "Nightmare" is a track full of dreamy guitar and Shpresa Lleshaj's voice. It has a very lovely melody and smooth vibe to it that makes it feel like it's gliding right over the listener. This song is elegant in its simplicity at the beginning, bringing in a simple clap-like beat and lines of harmonies to compliment the main line of melody.

Listen to Nightmare here:

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