• Kaitlin Amber


With only 2 other singles and an EP in the works, artist and producer BLESSED has successfully managed to gain more love from his listeners, with a new track released just this week.

All the way from Sydney, Australia, BLESSED manifests a genre so dynamic, it’s difficult to even pin-point a genre with a solid mix bouncing from one end of the spectrum to the other - (Which is a respectable quality to have as any existing artist in the industry if you ask me).

With powerful hip-hop beats and a blend of trap, “Insanity” also gains momentum with electronic feels and pop verses, creating its unique sound that pulls you in. It’s this dark track full of youth that nonetheless, embodies this raw truth about how it feels to potentially be falling “deeper in love” with someone new - which might seem like “insanity.”

Following the online responses from “One and Only” and “Sorrows,” it looks like BLESSED is already on the way to more success, as he pushes himself beyond his boundaries to BLESS us with more music to look forward to.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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