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Rosi Golan, a name you may not be familiar with but you certainly know her songs, just dropped her first new single “Underneath,” the first single in her new album due out this summer.

Roisi Golan found success earlier on in her music career with her 2013 EP, Fortuna being featured on hit television shows like, One Tree Hill, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer, Dear John, and Drop Dead Diva.

After a year-long hiatus in Paris, Rosi returns to her music game with a reawakened sense of self. The new record marks the transitional point in career as well, especially with an emotionally depth filled song like “Underneath.”

“Underneath” tells a sad story about feeling dependent on someone.

“You’re gone the nights are longer if only I was stronger I wouldn’t lie awake afraid of the morning after You never hear me calling I never see you leaving I”ll never close my eyes Wait for the dream to come and pull me underneath.”

Although the song features emotional lyrics, the song is extremely catchy with strong synth bass hooks.

Listen to “Underneath” here:

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