• Samantha Fabro


In his smooth, R&B-induced song “Levitate,” singer and producer DUBRI finds he is both lifted from the ground, and brought back to earth again. He flexes his falsetto and drops and tranquil spread of beats to illuminate the all encompassing passions of his relationship. Whether he is spiritually lifted, of grounded again, he sings for love and compassion.

A relatively underground artist, Brian Valdes, also known as DUBRI, focuses his efforts on delicate vocals and slow tempo R&B. A multi-talented musician, the singer also produces and writes his own music. In Nature’s Passenger, his latest album, he displays this style with light-hitting beats, and pop melodies. “Levitate,” promotes Valdes feelings of the power of spiritualism and love by telling his own romantic story.

Listen to “Levitate,” here:

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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