• Ty Thomas


Free-spirited Zachary Murdock releases a new single called “Sane Advice.” With his raw-like creativity, he inspires through his supreme funk and futuristic soul music. His music enlightens with its personal revelation ideas through fantasy. His lyricism like poetry connects with the inner soul; when listening to his music the urge to dance and be free captivates. The rapper/singer/ poet drops some great knowledge with his first track “Sane Advice,” produced by Benny Reigner and Red Buttonz. Be sure to check him out with a pen and paper ready for his words of advice.

A consummate musical shapeshifter, Zachary Murdock is a naturally gifted creative who embodies the definitive spirit of raw creativity. He creates supreme funk, futuristic soul music that inspires personal revelation through off-the-wall fantasy.

#zacharymurdock #indierock

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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