• Aaron Foster


Los Angeles newcomer DeWayne Jackson has just taken his first step into the Hip-Hop and R&B spotlights with his newest track Coming Back Home, off his latest EP, Don’t be Afraid. With bars of love for his family and smooth guitar riffs, Jackson brings it home with a soulful purpose in this game; this life.

DeWayne’s demeanor is humble. He knows what he wants, and he’s going not going to stop until he gets it. Coming Back Home’s music video gives life to his story, and his goals. Jackson wants nothing more than success and a family that doesn’t have to worry about a financial struggle. In an industry that evolves with speed, Jackson goes in with a unique sound and a genuine voice.

“I just wanna feed my family, take ‘em ‘way from the vanity”

DeWayne Jackson has recently come off tour with UK pop star, Jessie J, and is now on a US tour with Australian band, Chase Atlantic. Don’t be Afraid is available now on SoundCloud.

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