• Michael Bonchar


"I dont care how good that shit tastes

I ain't sippin on your Kool-Aid"

Georgia-born, LA-based, singer, songwriter and sometime actress, Katelyn Tarver, brings a tasty pop tune, and now i'm thirsty. Kool-Aid is in fact, the name of her whole EP which features 6 tracks in total.

Tarver released a debut album at the age of 15, followed by a tour supporting then up-and-coming, Jonas Brothers. She ended up signing with their management, which resulted in a move to LA and a side-step into acting. Recurring roles in Nickelodeon’s 'Big Time Rush' and ABC’s 'No Ordinary Family' followed, but music - the desire to both write and perform it - always remained at her core.

"Everybody's Talking

It's exhausting"

The almost tropical chord progression and easy-going but still hard hitting sounds provide a nice contrast with her strong and clear vocal tone and nicely executed melodies. Check out the whole EP below.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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