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Felix Cartal has teamed up with Lights for his 2019 debut single "Love Me" The track starts with a sumptuous groove and Lights filtered soaring vocals. He wastes no time getting to the hooks and there are many. Love Me is a feel good song that will be massive on the dance floor. The structure is simple and predictable but not in a bad way. Lights vocal performance is fantastic and perfect for Cartal's smooth dance floor friendly sound. Everything you would expect to happen in a floor filler is there and you'll love it.

With his energetic, melodic and yet dance-floor friendly sound, Felix Cartal has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in modern dance music. The last year proved to be catalytic for the producer, who was included in Billboard's "13 Dance Artists Who Dominated 2017" feature and whose Spotify channel has over 170 million streams. Felix's appeal lies in his ability to convey complex emotions through his music, like the hopeful angst of "Get What You Give," leaving listeners with a positive emotional catharsis. "Get What You Give" went on to top multiple Billboard charts-as well as be named one of Billboard's "50 Best Dance/Electronic Tracks of 2017"- and became a Canadian Certified Gold record and Juno Award nominee. 2018's release of Felix's poignantly self-reflective album "Next Season" further upped the ante for the producer with tracks like "Mood", "Walking By," "Faces" and "Everyone But Me" which earned him a 2019 Juno Award nomination for Electronic Album of the Year. His release of "Love Me" begins a series of brand new tracks from Felix, and you never know what he'll come up with next.

On collaborating with Lights, Felix reflects,

"The thing that made this collaboration so special is that we're literally the only two people involved in this song. I wrote an instrumental, Lights wrote an initial lyric idea, we refined the chorus and arrangement together, then she tracked her vocals herself and I did all the production myself. It's just us two creating every single piece of this song. A true collab. I love how it turned out."

Watch the new video below.

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