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Preston Lovinggood, Singer/songwriter from Alabama has had a busy start to the year. Lovinggood has released a number of new singles and his album Consequences is set to be released May 17th. With a number of shows scheduled to promote the release of Consequences, Lovinggood has a bright year ahead.

He started off the year strong with the release of his single ‘Everything will be okay’.

This song reminds us that life isn’t easy and we are all just taking it day by day to make it through. It inspires us to keep going and that there is always a bright side.

There was a woman I knew never knew how to prove, anything she felt inside She went back home to her bubble washed her hair in the water

Said everything will be okay

This song takes you on a journey from the world getting you down - feeling alone, ignored or overlooked to finding hope and the strength to carry on.

And everyone that I talk to says, careful boy, think you’re gonna wind up dead So just go back to LA and never think to say That everything will be okay

And that’s the way that goes never know how to show Until it’s too late for us, so everybody can tell, there’s no way to help Unless you’re gonna show the way!

‘Everything will be okay’ uses a cheerful electronic tempo, and a psychedelic pop sound to create a song that will get you through a tough day. Watch out for what’s to come from Preston Lovinggood.

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