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July 6, 2016

It's extremely difficult to impress the average music fans in this day and age so artists, and the people behind their events, need to be extra creative in order to get their target market excited enough to leave their nest. The minds behind "SENSELESS" clearly felt up to the challenge. This unique event will engage not only your eyes and ears but the sum total of all your senses by releasing scents into the atmosphere, projecting 3D visuals in front of your eyes, displaying textile constructions to touch, serving delicious food and, of course, flooding the rooms with amazing music.


The detailed breakdown of what will be offered for each category will look a little something like this:




Aroma tech systems will be in place - filling the air with a variety of scents.





Simon Falk [Toronto based artist] will bring both physical and digital painting, illustration, 3D modelling and animation. Carson Teal will display immersive installations, using an array of decontextualized found objects - bringing a multi sensory experience, allowing people to connect with one another. We'll also see exclusive 3D Mapping, LED art & visuals by Nu Spaces.





Sofia Escobar will display her textile constructions, as she is deeply influenced by textiles rich in ancient and cultural legacy. 

The SubPac is a high-fidelity tactile bass system that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body, providing the physical dimension to sound. As you wear it, you will experience a fully immersive music dimension that truly is the natural, logical progression to the sound experience.





A variety of local food vendors will be on site, offering delectable treats for your desire. Gear up for some of the finest foods from:


-Chef Joe Friday (Special one hour culinary show)


-Leaf n Bone

-Via Vai

-Calii Love

-Penthouse Catering

-Dutch Dreams Icecream Parlor Toronto

-Super Juice





The music lineup is:


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)
Tube & Berger (DJ Set)
Rodriguez Jr (LIVE)
Frivolous (LIVE)
isolée (LIVE)
Frank & Tony (Scissor and Thread)
Taimur & Fahad (Blkmarket Membership)
Maher Daniel (All Day I Dream)
Nitin Kalyan (No.19 Music)
Talal & Zoi (Kindisch)
Saqib Malik : Music (L'enfant terrible Records)
Sam Jaspersohn (Cenote Records)
Nature of Music (SUDBEAT)
Alberto Jossue (WLP/L'enfant Terrible/3xA)
Lost Boy (L’enfant Terrible)


This is truly going to be a one of a kind event that you won't want to miss so get your tickets before it's too late!



Click this link to secure a spot!

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