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September 10, 2016

We all know that media is an extremely powerful beast that we crave and depend on everyday. Without being famous celebrities, we all now have a way to be on the screen. KNKY ROOTS' debut release, titled "Pulp Fiction" is a dark and twisty song about how that can be a blessing and a curse.  Our undeniable addiction to approval can lead us down the same path as any other dangerous drug and our kindness and understanding can be muffled by the sound of another person's misery.  For some reason, we want to see the car crash and we feel good that it isn't us in the car. 


The video starts off with Esmé Katherine Ward's character coming out of the dark to find a screen, which she instinctively turns on. She's shocked as she watches footage of herself trend hopping, by changing outfits, to please her "viewers". All I can say is that she starts out loving it but then ends up...well take a look at that pic up there. 


I think we'd all trade in our social media likes and hearts for the strength to approve of ourselves and it's definitely no coincidence that nu's founder and KNKY ROOTS frontman released a song/video that basically says "be nu do you".


Enjoy the video below!


Teaser alert: the guitar riff after the credits is from KNKY ROOTS' next release.


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The Youtube comments on this video seem pretty accurate.

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