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November 14, 2016


After a fairly lengthy disappearance from media, The XX give us something we’ve been waiting for for about 4 years: the promise of a new album.  And this promise is more than just word of mouth.  On Friday the band released the first single to what will be their 3rd LP, I See You, entitled “On Hold.” 


Perhaps this unofficial hiatus for the band had something to do with the hugely successful, In Colour, the latest album of XX member Jamie Smith.  Smith, who has been releasing music as a solo act under the name Jamie XX, also featured The XX members Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft, thus keeping the entire band busy over the last few years.  


Now, with the release of “On Hold,” we get the first taste of the upcoming album.  The single, in keeping with the tone of the previous XX albums, is a spacey, if not at times, danceable ballad featuring Sim and Croft both on vocals.  The song, while driven by a strong and pungent bass line, is also dominated by the productional values of Smith.  Hints of the style present on In Colour outline the track, and the chorus, while focused on vocal samples, is both catchy and upbeat.  “I thought I had you on hold,” sing Sim and Croft, a melancholic lyric that describes the nature of the duet. 


Stream “On Hold” on the provider of your choice. And be sure to stay tuned for I See You, set to be released on January 13th.





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