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January 25, 2017


In my previous article, I explained that there's no point spending too much time pushing songs that nobody's reacting to. I'm not saying that there are never instances where a band/artist successfully promotes music on their own that took years for the world to digest, I'm just saying that, most often, the reaction from your listeners is a strong indicator of what you should do next. So assuming that you've already completed step 1 and you have a song/album that is creating a bit of a buzz outside of your circles, this is what I think you should do.


Target industry people. The average listener is drowning in new and old music artists to choose from and most of them aren't music experts. And while, record labels are looking for these same people to tell them if your music is worthy of their investment, you cannot depend on them to take the time out of their lives to analyze your music and see all of its greatness. Quality music can create a massive reaction without the help of experts but it simply isn't a sound plan to bank on it. The more logical approach is using your developed sound to seduce influencers like, established managers, artists with a good fanbase and popular bloggers, to name a few. You are not a marketing expert so make it your goal to stop dealing with your marketing as soon as possible. Of course you'll always be involved with decision making but more experienced people should be taking the wheel. 


The best way to get these types people in your corner is to properly showcase your work. Don't make them work to figure out your potential, clearly display the cream of the crop of what you have to offer.


  • So, again, make sure your recordings are the best possible representation of your talents, don't just put out everything you create. 2 banger singles creates a stronger brand than an EP with 2 bangers and 3 meh tracks. A lot of people argue this logic because "content is key" but I believe that it's more effective to creative unplugged videos or cover videos to promote your best songs (for example) than to release more songs that don't live up to your top tracks. 


  • Look for live concert opportunities with a solid roster of artists that will draw the right crowd for you. Be very mindful of what the venue has to offer as well. A shit sound system and a sound engineer that couldn't give a fuck can have a very negative impact on your reputation and playing 2 shows a month to a room full of fresh faces is worth much more than playing 10 shows a month to your friends and family.


  • Document your impressive moments. Get video of everything good you do. Don't slack on getting a video person to your events and recording sessions. If you played to a packed house or performed a flawless pass while at the studio, it should be documented. It makes for amazing content and it leads influencers in the industry to establish contact. 

There's much more to discuss about various connections that can be made within the music industry (radio contacts, booking agents etc) but I like to keep things simple and I'm happy if these articles get a few frustrated artists pointed in the right direction. 


Feel free to comment and or hit us up with any questions you may have relating to this topic. 

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