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February 1, 2017


The self taught soul/indie pop artist Brandyn Burnette is starting off the new year with a new single called ‘Escape’. Brunette has been crafting a unique sound for a while and many may already know him as he’s opened for John Mayer, Jon Bellion and James Bay in the past. Along with collaborative projects with Molly Moore, "Cosmos and Creatures" The millions of Spotify streams has put him on the ranks as one of the biggest  breakthrough artists emerging from the pop underground world. 


His latest single ‘Escape’ show cases how he has taken his sound to a whole new level. The track comes from his most anticipated EP yet 'Feature Films'


'Escape’ blends Brandyn’s soulful vocals and dark lyrics with some deep beats. Brandyn said that he wanted “to create a track that expressed the turmoil, redemption, and passion that most of us felt building throughout 2016.” Something many of us can relate to. 



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The Youtube comments on this video seem pretty accurate.

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The drum rhythm of this track is a cleverly-disguised Calypso pattern. You know, the one you hear in all the summer dancehall tracks? I feel it gets redundant after a while. But in this tune, it's done wisely with bouncy and melodic percussion which blends really well...

Discrete is a polished and veteran producer, who’s accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments, particularly in Asia. His new track with lifelong friend Chris Collins is called Better Days. It’s a slick and groovy pop track that they wrote and produced in one 17...

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Adam Hender’s “I Don’t Mind” is a sulky ode to selfless, unconditional love. He croons his desire to see an unrequited love happy, even apart from him. As hopeless as his cause is, I’m sure its a position almost all of us have been in, one time or another. 

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Prins is an up-and-coming songwriter from New Zealand, with a big and energetic electronic sound. She just went on her first international tour in August 2019. Magnetic is the first single and title track from her new EP.

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