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February 24, 2017



Portuguese group Vaarwell is topping the charts recently with their new single “You”. The song gives off a definite Blue Foundation vibe, with the vocals of Margarida Falcão giving it that Imogen Heap finish.


This is a lullaby, rainy day type of tune that is sure to put you into a dream-like state. The subtle rattle and droplet accents keep the tone interesting, while the beat is a comfortable, consistent alternative-indie rhythm.


The song’s lyrics are about a woman examining her relationship from an outside view and realizing she was being naïve;


“Breath in your nirvana/ Breathe in yourself/ No, it’s not fair/ Breathing nothin’ there/ But you’ll always be there/ You know it’s not fair…/ You know the truth isn’t all/ Always true/ Tell me secrets that I know/ For much longer than you/ You made me feel so insecure/ And I blame it all on you”.


The jewelle​ry box song breaks down into a Team Sleep type of tune where the instrumentals come in smooth, and then there is a soft breakdown to open up the verses.

The song continues in a dreamy haze with the melancholy vocal styling’s of Falcão; “Always searching for what hurts me/ Always looking for what makes me/ Cry/ It’s funny how you was keeping me alive without your pretty love and your caring in your eyes/ My Hennessy/ My shaking/ I know that I’m breaking/ But I’m alive/ You was keepin’ me from that”.


This point, lyrically, is when she realizes that she was being naïve to the co-dependence, and although a little shakey on her own, she is much better off not being “kept from that” and living for herself.

Though the group is still new; only hitting the music scene in 2014, they have already played festivals including NOS em D’Bandada and Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017. Vaarwell has also been named “Artist of the Week” by Tradiio, as well as being included in a “Best New Talent” tribute by FNAC.

Another cool fact; the group’s name “Vaarwell” actually comes from the Dutch word “vaarwel”, meaning “farewell”, which may be applicable to some of the songs on their upcoming March LP; “Homebound 456”. I guess we will have to tune in to see…
In the meantime, check out the “You” music video and keep our eyes on Vaarwell’s Facebook page for upcoming releases.




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