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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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April 23, 2017

Last night, the stage at the MOD Club in Toronto lit up with the magic that is Charlotte Day Wilson. The multi-talented musician and songwriter performed two live shows on Wednesday and Thursday evening in her hometown as a part of Canadian Music Week. 


The stage sparkled under the dim light of incandescent bulbs, reminiscent of fireflies glowing in the night sky. Charlotte Day Wilson was modest and unassuming as she first settled on the stage, but the feeling in the room quickly ignited with a rich energy that grew with every song played. The power emanating from Charlotte Day Wilson’s singing voice comes off as being effortless. Her strong vocals will take your breath away while filling your soul with burning emotion.


The night unfolded with a set list that mixed well-known tracks off of her debut EP, “CDW”, as well as a ton of new and unreleased music for fans to lookout for in the future. Throughout the show, Charlotte Day Wilson showcased her expansive musical talent, ranging beyond breathtaking vocals. At various points, she played several instruments including, guitar and saxophone.


Watch Charlotte Day Wilson as she joins fellow Toronto musicians, BADBADNOTGOOD perform the beautiful song, “In Your Eyes”, off of the boys’ most recent album for CBC Music below:




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