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May 20, 2017


Mehwish: Hey! How is it going?


YSF: I’m doing great, thanks!


Mehwish: Alright, so let’s start with the basics, tell us a little about yourself.


YSF: Hi my name is Yousaf, I go by YSF, and I’m an attention seeking whore.


Mehwish: Hahaha that’s a great introduction Yousaf, thanks.


YSF: Well, I think most of us are out there seeking attention.


Mehwish: Why do you make music?


YSF: I enjoy making stuff that makes people feel happy. You’ll find that my work is not deep, but if you listen to it I know that you will enjoy it and it will make you feel happy and that is important to me.


Mehwish: And is that why you stepped into music?


YSF: I stepped into music because I thought I was good at it, I tried writing and I figured I’d produce it too.


Mehwish: When did you first start creating music?


YSF: At the age of 18 and I had the opportunity to go to the studio with SICKICK.  He used to be a prominent artist and I was a huge fan of his music. His brother was at a party I was at and that’s how I was introduced to him and that’s where it all began.


Mehwish: What genre would you classify your music as?


YSF: Hip hop and R&B.  



Mehwish: What is your creative process?


YSF: I smoke marijuana and I sit in my basement and go through all the beats on the internet and the ones I get from producers that send me beats and process it really quick. If something doesn’t click with me within the first 10-15 seconds I move on to the next beat.


Mehwish: How many years have you been making music for?


YSF: 2-3 years


Mehwish: How did you start?


YSF: I started with Sound Cloud, my first track was “Father” and it was put up for the sake of it, it was with made with my idol SICKICK. Now I have 40 songs. It started out as something fun, but then it just became something I really enjoyed and now I keep making new tracks, one song at a time. Plus there aren’t many brown people that RAP so I figured if I did it right I could be the first one. But then I saw that NAV did a song with The Weeknd and Travis Scott. So when I saw those songs come out, I was like okay never mind he’s the first guy. And that made me feel like I had a better chance in the industry.


Mehwish: How lengthy is that process from start to finish creating a track?  


YSF: Most songs take me about 15 to 20 mins. I like to memorize before I go to the studio, but once in a while you’ll find me doing a song that will take a month. So anywhere between 20 minutes to a months.


Mehwish: Name someone who you would like to collab with.


YSF:  My dream collab would be KID CUDI and RUSS. I’m very possessive of my artists and would put them in the same category. Although, I had a chance to collaborate with Humble The Poet and that was an amazing experience too!


Mehwish: Where can people find out more about you?



YSF: Instagram – akayucifer; and SoundCloud – yuciferthehiphopdevil; and YouTube - YSF 


Mehwish: Why should people listen to you?


YSF: I make good music. You’ll hear the quality and the time and effort that went into it and it will become a good part of your day.


Mehwish: Where do you see yourself heading in the next two years?


YSF: I see myself headlining my own tour! I’ve done a couple of shows in Toronto and NYC, so I’m aiming to start my own tour now.


Mehwish: If you could give some advice to young and upcoming artists like yourself what would it be?


YSF: Make sure your quality is high. Don’t be the person who puts out anything. Work with the people around you. I hit brand companies to get sponsored and was able to get sponsored with clothing companies and others. I loved working with them too.  


Mehwish: Anything else you want our readers to know about you Yousaf?


YSF: I’m always recording, every 2-3 weeks I’m dropping a new song or video and I will be doing this throughout the year, so stay tuned! My latest video is “Handsome” be sure to check it out!

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