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June 5, 2017


The summer banger we have been waiting for! California-based indie pop-rock group The Highfields throw us another toe – tapping jam for this summer with their latest song “Good Vibes”.


In their classic style, the group starts off with a catchy, echoing build up, followed with deep tones for that urban feel.

Singer Kaelie is reminiscent of Lorde, her sound and style give the song the upbeat, radio-hit quality it possesses. This track seriously gives off “Good Vibes”, something you would pump while at the beach or driving with the windows down in the summer.

The introduction lyrics start you off on your audio journey;


“It’s a new revelation, a new state of mind / Let it be, let it go, I know what you’ll find / It’s like someone tied lightbulbs over my head now my worlds illuminated…”


The second lyric is almost explanatory of the song; it is as if the music is inside you and you can’t help but move to it;


“It’s a pulse to rhythm beating in time / Breathe it in, breathe it out and let it open up your mind / It’s a drug, its electric, let it all flow / Feel it heat the afterglow…”, this is how The Highfields want you to feel when listening to this track.


The tempo keeps your hips swaying and head bobbing right to the end. The last minute of the song breaks down with perfectly correlated drops that keep listeners intrigued and entranced with the beat. The repeated chorus is a perfect way to end it all off on a (excuse the pun) ‘Good Vibe’; “I’m livin’ on good vibes / I’m livin’ on good vibes / I’m livin’ on good vibes / I’m livin’ on good vibes…”


For a day when you need to send yourself some “Good Vibes” throw on this jam and I guarantee you will feel better! Mark your calendar for June 2nd, 2017 when the track is officially released from their second full length album; “She Said”.



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