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June 7, 2017


“No Betta” could not get any “betta”! The new single from producer Rokmore, starts with a catchy, wavey intro. Then, in comes featured artists; Klevah, from female rap duo group Mother Nature, and Josi Green from Rebel Life, sassy and strong.

Their smooth, yet raspy voices mesh together perfectly in this break-up story. The girl’s rhymes are on point, descriptive, and the change of tone compliments the rhythm in the exact way you want it to. Although this song is instrumentally upbeat, the lyrics are the opposite.


Rokmore comes in with the chorus; “It don’t get no betta / No betta / No…”, followed by the female back-story from Klevah; N*gga’s in love with the chase / B*tches be throwin’ me off / We ain’t got no time to waste / Minutes don’t wait on the clock / Decisions I needed to make / I feel it all when we talk / Emotions that get in the way / When business and pleasure involved…/ My ex’s actually text me directly they need closure / I thought this sh*t was over / Guess I’m just gettin’ older / …We explode like Supernova / Yeah blow it / Blow it / I can be betta / I know it / …Are you really prepared to let go / You can’t compare me to none of these hoes…”


Lyrically, the female voice of the song is taking charge and TCOB. It is evident she just wants to move on because meeting up and talking more involves too many emotions. She is conflicted and has been conflicted, and now follows through on “Decisions I needed to make” in order to move on. As much as she is more than over this relationship, her emotions and “pleasure” get in the way, even though she tries to be more “business” involved / minded. This is all justified by her “…just gettin’ older”, but she still cannot believe there is anyone ‘betta’ for him then her. Even though she doesn’t want him.


However, as much as this may be the idea we are getting from the female voice, she chimes in to give us a bit more insight; “The pain is apparent / The rain won’t stop pouring / Why do I care / I’d rather avoid it / You’d rather destroy it…”. It’s almost as though she would rather hold on the feeling of an ambiguous ending, then a final goodbye.


Rokmore makes his only vocal appearance in the song (aside from the chorus), describing his side of the assumed male character’s break-up; “Every year I got a new ex / I be flexin’ on em’ like two sets / …If you knew betta / You would do betta / Now you thinkin’ like ‘Who betta?’…”. It’s like a ‘boys will be boys’, your fault if you don’t see it or are a ‘basic b*tch’, type of mentality. Dude’s get sick of the games too, ladies.


The song finishes off with a smooth beat, paired with a repeat of Klevah’s lyric; “N*gga’s in love with the chase / B*tches be throwin’ me off / We ain’t got no time to waste / Minutes don’t wait on the clock / Decisions I needed to make / I feel it all when we talk / Emotions that get in the way / When business and pleasure involved…”, ending the song on a hard note both lyrically, and audibly.


You can find this tune on Rokmore’s upcoming project, “99”. Listen below:



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