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July 14, 2017


Liz Lokre (FKA Liz Loughrey) releases a debut single under the new re-brand "Buh Bye". You may recognize the cover art font of the song title because it's been spray-painted across Toronto street's downtown as marketing campaign. If you didn't know what that was, now ya know. 


The interesting story/connection here is that "Buh Bye" is produced by Drake tour musical director and guitarist Adrian X, who has also written/produced for the likes of The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Adrian contributed writing to Drake's "Marvin's Room." Also contributing production to the song is Jordan Reyes of BASECAMP.



The song transitions into a jazzy piece near the end for a very unique blend on modern R&B. Her powerful, clear tone (comparable to Ariana Grande) really carries the melodies nicely and makes for a smooth, memorable track. Premiered on Much Music, The video is an incredible use of bold colours and contrast to make Liz pop out and showcase some dance moves.


LZL quotes; "Feeling your intuition is one thing, having the courage to trust it is another. This song is about the journey towards empowerment and how good it feels to confidently say 'Buh Bye' to anything that was holding me back." 



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