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August 15, 2017


Kansas City native Brooks Brown hits us with an impressive production under the title of “No Service” featuring Nashville Tennessee’s musical duo Truitt. “No Service” sets the tone as a relaxing electronic production that can still get the listener banging their heads when the time is right.


“No Service” starts off with a simple yet oh so sweet sounding piano inspired intro before Brigetta Truitt (1/2 of Truitt) jumps in and slays expectations with her smooth vocals and unbeatable melody. The production, courtesy of Brooks Brown, and the other half of Truitt, Brett Truitt hits in all of the right places with its accompanying build ups and production drops right where the track asks for it. The record does a wonderful job at instilling an energetic vibe into the listener, whilst still delivering a sense of peace, and relaxation.


Brooks Brown, more specifically from Leawood, Kansas was born in 1997 and has been making music for quite some time. He’s shared the stage with electronic acts such as “Run Away” famed “Galantis”, “Walk The Moon”, and “Gazzo” among others, and has even been featured on Sia / Kiesza’s “Hooked on Electronics” playlists.  While Truitt, a musical duo consisting of Brigetta, and Brett Truit have an impressive total of one million aggregate Spotify streams to date, among being featured on H&M + Zara’s in-store playlists.      


If you’re itching to check out some more Brooks Brown, give his track “AM” with Matt Kali a listen. It was rated #19 on Spotify US Viral 50, and delivers another bout of terrific production.





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The Youtube comments on this video seem pretty accurate.

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