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February 20, 2018

Toronto producers Rainer Millar Blanchaer and Jeff Crake launched Rainer + Grimm in 2014 with the goal of bringing the infamous Toronto R&B scene and the underground dance music scene together, and began with the duo releasing their bootlegs on Soundcloud. Shortly after, they found success with their remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. From there, they released their first original song “Talk to Me” and have been performing all around the world non stop since.

Six months ago, the duo released stellar new track “Tempted” with help from the vocalist of Beach Season, who delivers beautiful sultry and aerial vocals over the lush backdrop courtesy of the Toronto-based duo. In the form of their house/R&B-hybrid, “Tempted” is essentially romance in sonic form: a little playful, a lot of sexual energy, and a touch of mystery come together to create a sound that's irresistible. With “Tempted”, the two producers offer another solid club banger and bring the best of several genres on this record merging deep house, R&B and afro centric percussions to the mix. The song is just effortlessly soulful and addictive!

Rainer + Grimm just shared the visuals for the "Tempted". Directed by Mark Martin, the artsy video has a “polished” retro style quality to it with its tracking lines and washed-out colors. The eccentric clip also features stuffed animals, a retro house, a fur coat, a mirror ball, beautiful vintage furniture, a guy handcuffed to a bed, a sexagenarian in a bunny suit, another one with a pirate eye patch... and another one teaching a very special class. Yes, it is a wildly-surreal trip!

Check the video for “Tempted” below.




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