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March 16, 2018


Just before the exciting release of Shaeane’s debut single, “Bag of Bones,” I got a chance to catch up with the impressive artist to discuss the new single, musical inspirations, social media as a tool to connect with fans, as well as the ever-evolving  music scene. With an EP on the way, we can expect to hear lots more music! We cant wait.


First of all, I can already tell I’ll be a huge fan of your music from the sneak preview I heard of Bag of Bones and Joker, so it is my pleasure to get to interview you.


Take me back to the beginning. How did you get started in music? 


Thank you for you kind words! 


Oh, I have always been a singer. Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be singing. Thankfully my mom always made sure I was in lessons and had different coaches growing up, so I always was. I got my first guitar when I was I think 11 or 12, picked up the piano shortly after, and started writing songs shortly after that. 


For those who have never heard your music, how would you describe your style and sound?


I would say my sound is pop with electronic synth layers.


Let's talk about your new single "Bag of Bones!" Tell me about the process of how the song came together?


So Bag of Bones was a bit of a journey to work on lol. We worked on a song for a while, like a couple months maybe? A long time. And when Tayo finally sent me the mix I was just not vibing with it at all and I was super nervous to tell him. But I ended up talking to him and we basically scrapped the whole song, except for the bare bones of it (pun intended) and started over. And then it was STRAIGHT FIRE.


What inspired or influenced "Bag of Bones?"


Bag of Bones is basically a self love anthem. I was inspired by the things about myself that I really love that other people maybe wouldn’t view as the best parts of themselves. Like, I love that I am stubborn and that I’m a loud person and that I definitely talk too much. Others might be ashamed of/not like those things, but I carry them with me all the time and nobody can make me abandon them. I think everyone has their own bag of bones, ya know? 


I know you are currently working on your debut EP, what can fans expect to hear?


Yes, I am! We are hoping to have it out late this year! So far, I think everyone should be prepared to be dancing along with me to some killer drops and super catchy, big hooks. 


Are you happy with the way the music scene has unfolded in the past decade? If you could change one thing about technology in the music industry, what would you change?


Yeah! I mean, a decade ago I was just starting to discover and download my own music. I lived through the super fun limewire days now to having all these different streaming apps, and I feel like right now is such an exciting time for music. Its easier now than ever for people to discover unknown artists and to help move their careers forward and I think thats so awesome and important!


What social media platform do you find the best to connect with fans?


I feel like Instagram is the easiest to connect with right now, by far. Snapchat is pretty good too, but the insta story game has just taken over.


Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Or maybe even going on tour with?


Oh gosh. So many artists! I would LOVE to collaborate or go on tour with Haim. I would also love to collab with Jessie Reyez or Madison Beer. GRL PWRRRR!


Speaking of touring different music venues, do you have a favourite spot in Toronto you like to see live music?


Toronto has so so many music venues I feel like I’ve only really seen a fraction of them. But I love going to see shows at the Dakota Tavern! My friends live above it so we often end up there on any given night. I also love seeing shows at the Danforth Music Hall. Its always great vibes there. 


What are some of your "I made it" goals and how are you looking to grow with NU Music?


K I literally have so many goals, its ridiculous. I have many performance goals, like to perform at the MMVA’s and at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto.


But mostly I want to be able to create and make music and focus on my acting full time, and not need to have a joe job. I see myself working with NU Music for a long time. We’re gonna take over the world, probably. 


You can find Shaeane on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter @SHAEANE



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