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March 22, 2018


Toronto-based DJ/Producer Birthday Boy never ceases to amaze with his eclectic sonic palette and is without a doubt one of Toronto's brightest and most innovative producer. His bold productions draw influence from Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Electro or else Hip-Hop and have garnered numerous accolades and attention over the past few years.


A couple years ago, Birthday Boy released stellar joint EP 'Music to Soothe the Savage Youth' with rapper Drew Howard. Now, he is back with another collaborative effort with R&B vocalist Trish. After sharing “Magic” back in December, the pair settled on “Chance To Go Far” as the second single off their 'Joseph' EP. The six-track-effort broadcasts Birthday Boy's ability to master several musical genres ranging from funktronica (“Golden Medal”) to house infused R&B ("Magic") or else funky nu-disco (“Who Are You), while offering a coherent body of work.


“Chance To Go Far” is a beautiful alt-R&B / neo-soul production brought to life by spacious drums, boom-bap rhythm and the empowering message of the song: ““Chance To Go Far” is about pushing through to achieve what you’re capable of. We made it as an artifact of hope for whoever needs it. Although it originated from coping with mental illness and struggle, we use this refrain in times of joy: if you get a chance to go far, you will.” explains Birthday Boy (via The Huffington Post). The 90s R&B sound/vibe and Trish's smooth vocals and harmonies add a certain nostalgia and delicacy to the song.


'Joseph' is out now via Bastard Jazz Recordings. You can stream it below. Enjoy!



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