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March 22, 2018



Will You Dance With Me? Tylor Jay Santos sings over Govi production. Instantly this reminds me of Majid Jordan and i'm sure these fellas had them in mind making this joint or at least were expecting that feedback. The minimal 80's style drum patterns and simple synth chords with just the right amount of ambience accompaniment sets a nice mood. The mid-range to falsetto style vocals are equally ambient with reverb and delay spells that create a whirling effect auto-panning throughout sections.


Great song for the dancefloor and to just vibe out and smoke to. I could see a collaboration or tour accompaniment with Chris LaRocca or Majid Jordan based on this track's aesthetic. Based on Tylor's Soundcloud, this seems to be one of his first or main tracks he's put out. He's in good hands working with Govi, who has proved his grooves already with artists like Lou Val, Clairmont The Second and Jon Vinyl, all dope upcoming artists.


Looking forward for more from these young magicians, stream below.


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"Fashun" is the latest single by LA-based singer, songwriter, and bassist Trip Carter. This dude currently plays bass for Sabrina Claudio's live band (will be supporting her on the upcoming Weeknd tour) and has songwriting/production credits for Felly and Sabrina Claud...

This track feels like finding diamonds buried in the sand on the beach, Its dripping in finesse sauce. With fun layered synths and fun falsetto vocals, Future Jr. of Australia brings us "Back To You".

He brings us back to the inspo:

"I wrote the song with a friend of min...

Andria's new single, "Coming Home To You,"  blends neo-soul, R&B, and jazz to create a sound that feels both fresh and familiar. It's simple production shines light on the elegant vocal delivery and fluttering harmonies. The 3/4 waltz timing pairs nicely with the sooth...

"Need A Friend" is the second single from Roman Rouge, a 21 year old singer from El Paso, Texas. Sharing the same hometown and producer as Khalid, many draw comparisons between the two, along with The Weeknd and Majid Jordan.

Here we have some effective minimal acoustic...

wordsbyjuni was born with a knack for telling stories, a love for hip-hop, and (thanks to his white friends), has a newfound interest in the indie alternative scene. Pairing these sonic influences with his ability to spin a nice yarn, juni’s songs tend to be poppy love...

Pop-powerhouse LU KALA returns with her empowering new single "Want You," co-written and produced by Terrence Lam (Drake/Rihanna, Alessia Cara, Kaskade, Meghan Trainor). The Toronto-based songstress paves the way for female strength with her bold, in-your-face pop soun...

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