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July 6, 2018


Get ready to add a new song to your summer playlist!


Brad Dring or now known as Shortydubs via his latest side project, dropped his first EVER single “Fugees” featuring Saint Pressure and it has summer vibes written all over it.


The singer has been making music for a while now but it is only recently that he started his side project, Shortydubs.

The New Zealander posted on his personal Facebook to give insights into his newest and latest venture.

“Hey Fam, meet Shorty Dubs . So I’ve been doing music for a longtime. In fact, for nearly half of my life I’ve been writing, traveling and performing with my band, Rapture Ruckus and God has taken me places I never dreamt I’d get to go. He’s shown me things I never dreamt I’d get to see and I have met more amazing people than I dare to count. I am so proud of all we have achieved with RR and I am forever grateful to everyone who has believed in, supported and prayed for me over these past 15 years. And I know right about now this probably sounds like I’m throwing in the towel but it’s actually kinda the opposite lol. In fact, there will be a new RR record dropping later this year and we have a bunch of performances booked, so calm down. This is about me, 36 year old Brad, father of two, lover of one, friend to many and surfer living a thousand miles from the ocean. What if I could start over and make any music I wanted?! Oh wait I can. @shortydubs would love to have you along for the ride. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

It truly is never too late to do what you love!

Follow him on Instagram here




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