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November 20, 2018


From the synths to percussion and even vocals, this track screams eighties. The vocals are layered with smooth harmonies and memorable melodies fusing with upbeat and nostalgic slaps and chords. The bouncy synth lines create a dance-floor anthem and some of the verse layers even feel like they're from a Super Nintendo theme. The structure is still clear enough and suitable for the pop vocal presence to tie it all together and make it digestible and feel good to the listener. With vocal twists & melodies of MJ & New Edition, and the spacey sounds of Bowie, LeTrainiump dares to blend the worlds of the past with the present with this moody yet simple synth pop single, connecting all the worlds alike!


New Orleans pop artist LeTrainiump’s (singer Tray Richard) debut song "Think." is a constant push and pull of reality and a dream stated relationship between who/what you want and if you can have it. As the song ends, the synths begin to come alive to give the listener a sobering feeling moving from dream to reality with a feeling that says you could always have what you’ve always wanted; you just needed to let yourself have it. That's the magic of Think.


LeTrainiump consists of singer Tray Richard of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded through years of creative contemplation, LeTrainiump has grown from a dream into a world of self realization and a feel that brings you face to face with who you are. With a sound reminiscent of the late 80s synthesizers and tricky baselines, a neon vibe that takes you back to the 90s, explosive performances, & an energy that urges movement, LeTrainiump creates a live experience that holds nothing back and draws you into a world your own. 


This is the type of music that could appeal to any market and niche and we're excited for more of it. Listen below.



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