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June 24, 2019


Y.A.S is back with her latest track ‘Pillow Thoughts,’ perhaps her most relatable, honest song yet. 


Y.A.S speaks on Pillow Thoughts:


“This song is about the aftermath of sleeping with someone for the first time. It stems from feelings of insecurity. Written from my perspective, awake, whilst the guy is asleep on the other side of the bed, our backs to each other, with space between us. The space between us being the opposite of the closeness the night before, which makes me overwhelmed of thoughts of what he thinks of me now.”


With this song Y.A.S wants her listeners to pay great attention to her lyrics. Instead of her typical metaphor, this song expresses her thoughts as they come to her in the moment. This song tells the story of Y.A.S analyzing the behaviour of a love interest the morning after the first night together, drawing conclusions before he wakes, a situation many have encountered.


Pillow Thoughts demonstrates the strong 90's R&B influences in Y.A.S’ style. It uses a silky, sexy, groove that gives her lyrics space to be vulnerable. A catchy R&B backdrop is paired with instrumentals and Y.A.S’ soft melodic voice to create an emotion filled track. Pillow talk is reminiscent of the types of songs we hear from artists such as Ariana Grande.




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