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August 6, 2019


The melodies are too crazy on this for me not to post. Lombax describes this electronic package as "orchestra x trap" which is evident when you hear it's epic nature. It's just a plethora of beautifully layered synths and bass with energy and progression to keep you wondering when the next drop is and what sounds you'll be bombarded with next.


What's cool about an artist like this is, they can deliver this hard-knocking style loaded with energy from the gym or turning up but then if they choose to dial it down and still keep the sound quality intact, it could be blessed by vocalists as well for more structured and digestible music.


Lombax adds,


"Derived from my deep interest for orchestra (the many synched and harmonic sounds that make you feel "full" after listening like you would eating a big meal) and growing up/influenced by, Bay Area, California music - hip hop/rap/trap, I have meshed the two together, with a bit of a twist."


Enjoy this trip below



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Montreal-based singer-songwriter Miko is a self-taught musician that got into songwriting at the age of 18. He now regularly writes with rising Montreal artists such as Soran, Mike Clay (Clay & Friends), and Geoffroy. He has been compared to Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo,...

Producer and keyboardist, Pantology, was raised by classical musicians and played piano at an early age. He was enthralled with the sounds of jazz, soul, and funk. His debut single "Never Enough", has gone on to create adventurous, beat-driven instrumental music that h...

With not much information on the web on Omar, we do see that he's from the Bay Area. This track follows "Run the City" ft. Mozzy which accumulated 150k streams on Soundcloud.

"Red Cup" features the classic reaggaeton drum rhythm but powerful vocal melodies, harmonies an...

Sweden's SHY Martin returns to our blog with "Make us Never Happen". At first glance, the song seems to be about regretting a relationship but she sings "wish I never let you down". Martin wishes it never happened not because she has bad feelings towards a past partner...

Yes, it might be late on in the year but Violet LaVelle’s “Summer Love”, from September’s “Afraid To Say I Love You” is a bright, poppy bop about the complexity of confusing the love of summer with a summer love. From the unwound cassette cover art with hand-made mixta...

Lauren Sanderson's new single "UPSET" has set the stage for her debut album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big, which is soon to be released.

Lauren infuses classic 80's style synth and effects with new school urban hip hop/ R&B beats and vocals, along with introspective lyr...

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