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August 5, 2019


Canadian pride Peter Mol is the hallmark of a versatile musician, establishing himself through an illustrious career doing session work for big name acts such as Arcade Fire, The Roots, Bruno Mars and Father John Misty. After many years performing and producing behind other big name musicians, Peter Mol is finally taking a front seat with his upcoming solo debut.


"Jesus Murphy" is a sweet little taste test of what is to come off of Peter Mol's upcoming solo debut. The songs blending lush tropical sounds accompanied with lyrics reflecting existential anguish is to say the least, challenging. On one hand, "Jesus Murphy" appears to be a relaxing song to ease into a beach chair while sipping on a mojito, but with deeper listening Mol's voice exudes heartbreak and defeat. With dancy, tropical love instrumentation, and Mol's catchy refrain of "Someday we're all just gonna die." the listener may be left unsure how to feel. Mol's doomy lyrics contrasted with the shiny sounds evokes the image of people dancing and relaxing on an island paradise as the apocalypse is about to occur, without a care in their minds.



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Savoy Ellis’ “Fate” (feat. Kafeeno) is slick, smooth and spacey. This moody R&B bop pulls itself along with a strong bass groove and gorgeous vocal runs, sparing no expense on its hooks. It’s catchy and has a nice chord progression, to boot. 

The guitar playing on this...

nodisco. wears his heart on his sleeve with “Moonlight in my Bedroom.” He documents a breakup in his characteristically literal lyrical style, and complements another heartache-fuelled release, “Thoughts From Your Car.” 

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Adrian Sieber has been in music for almost 30 years. He’s known primarily in his home-country Switzerland as the singer for Lovebugs, who’ve scored several #1 albums and are generally a big deal there. Adrian’s solo work is pop-tronica ear-candy that’s very much worth...

JP Cooper—singer-songwriter and hit-maker—has dropped a huge new single entitled ‘In These Arms’. Hailing from the UK, most people know Cooper from his feature on Jonas Blue’s smash: Perfect Stranger, which he co-wrote. Meanwhile, JP has been making his own brand of ca...

2020 marks the return of Kiesza and her unique brand of pop music. After taking a two year hiatus the singer-songwriter is rested and ready to shine again on the global stage. 

Kiesza first sky-rocketed to stardom in 2014 with her catchy song ‘Hideaway’. The music video...

Jon Vinyl, real name Jonathon Hamilton, has been making music since the age of fifteen. Raised in Toronto he has been a local to the Dundas area and is currently located in Pickering. Now at twenty two years of age he has caught the industry’s attention including the l...

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