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December 23, 2019


I haven't heard such powerful and intricate rnb vocal runs since this song right here. "Wall-to-Wall" by Anuka is full of sultry vocals, smooth soulful production and stacks of harmonies - just what I like.


the 27 year old vocalist, writer and producer makes most of her music in her bedroom. "It enhances the baby-making aspect of my art" she says. I guess when the bed is in sight, this is true, and you'll hear what she means when you listen. She continues to tell us,


"I’ve been fascinated by how male rnb artists can have very explicit lyrics when it comes to describing what they expect to get and what to give from and to a woman. I’ve always wondered why not that many female rnb artists carried that same type of control or confidence in their lyrics. This is one of the main reasons Missy Elliot is one my all time favorite pioneers. She has definitely inspired me to be less restrictive in songwriting when I had the feeling of “being too sensual or too explicit”. Wall-to-wall is a soothing rnb song and celebrates a sensual, sexy vibe. If you like harmonies, this one is for you. "


With over 1M streams on a handful of songs on Spotify, this girls already making waves, and we're here for it.




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It's not that often that I find acoustic songs completely fulfilling. Prom Queen Crown by Rallie and Coal however has all the needed elements. Captivating chord progressions, beautiful vocals and subtle progression to provide expanding elements.

Rallie & Coal are an art...

Not only is the song concept very ironically relatable to this rising generation, but this production is incredibly refreshing. From the chord progression to the balance of nostalgic and modern synths, quirky percussion and of course Anna's angelic vocal tone. And she'...

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It is always refreshing to see an artist using art and their platform to an end greater than themselves. With “Our Planet,” Chris Webby and Bria Lee seek to do just that. Their take on climate change activism is more than mere environmental...

Brooklyn Semhar waxes melancholic and laments a family divided on “Daddy.” This track is a smouldering, slow-burning groove that pulls itself along with all the moodiness of its subject matter. It is arranged beautifully, and reflects a refreshing jazz influence in its...

Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza is back! After the enormous popularity of her 2014 house-pop single ‘Hideaway’, she went on collaborate with a stunning array of famous names. Names like Skrillex, Diplo, and Duran Duran, to name a few. Tragically, her career was put o...

Payson Lewis has released an anthemic new single called “Nothing To You”, and it’s really good! Payson has had a diverse career, singing with national orchestras, starring in theatrical performances, acting on TV shows, and now it seems his talent has been channelled i...

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