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January 7, 2020

Rising Swedish artist PAWL has dropped a new single, and it’s certainly an ear-wormy banger. Self-produced and written, ‘Lifestyle’ is a masterclass in slick production.


‘Lifestyle’ features a traditional deep house groove done well, with a heart-beat kick and skittery hats. Clean processed vocals sing catchy melodies supported by interesting synthetic vocal textures. This song reflects on the modern addiction to needing more: “What can we do, isn’t that life, looking for more, never enough.” 


PAWL has been racking up streams and international attention, reaching up to 25 million streams on Spotify and counting. He’s even caught the ear of some bigger stars, his music having been supported by The Chainsmokers, Sam Feldt, and Oliver Heldens.


He’s one to watch, and this song is evidence that he deserves it.




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Discrete is a polished and veteran producer, who’s accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments, particularly in Asia. His new track with lifelong friend Chris Collins is called Better Days. It’s a slick and groovy pop track that they wrote and produced in one 17...

Stevie Wolf is an honest, compelling, and very talented singer-songwriter who’s been getting some buzz. He has followed a rocky road to get here. He’s been diagnosed with Tourettes and major Anxiety Disorder, went to school for economics, moved to New York to chase his...

Adam Hender’s “I Don’t Mind” is a sulky ode to selfless, unconditional love. He croons his desire to see an unrequited love happy, even apart from him. As hopeless as his cause is, I’m sure its a position almost all of us have been in, one time or another. 

Following fr...

Prins is an up-and-coming songwriter from New Zealand, with a big and energetic electronic sound. She just went on her first international tour in August 2019. Magnetic is the first single and title track from her new EP.

Magnetic is a bold, hook-laden pop song, with gl...

Payson Lewis is back with a new hard-hitting single! Payson is an accomplished actor and musician, who studied music at USC, sung with orchestras in Taiwan and Korea, and placed 4th in NBC’s The Sing-Off. He’s been making a name for himself as a songwriter with catchy...

Noble Oak is truly a modern rock artist; the basic elements of its instrumentation are all there, but this group makes no appeal to the atavistic minimalism that once seemed to dominate the genre. They are sleek, shimmering like the stainless steel finish of a state-of...

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